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Traction Plus: Frequently Asked Questions

How is Traction Plus different from one time acid etch services?

Acid etching can be effective in increasing a floors’ slip resistance level, but will diminish over time. Unlike acid etching products, Traction Plus is not a one-time application but an on-going safety and maintenance system.

The concept behind the Traction Plus System is simple. First, your floor will be restored to its original appearance and returned to its original slip resistance or better. Second, by using Traction Plus as a daily cleaner and maintenance product, you can maintain a consistent level of slip resistance and appearance. Also, Traction Plus does not require professional application but is a total “do it yourself” program to be applied by you or your employees, increasing your overall slip and fall prevention.

How is Traction Plus different from my existing floor cleaner?

Most chemical floor cleaning products are detergent or soap based which leave a heavy soap film requiring thorough rinsing. Traction Plus products are soap free and leave no slippery film or residue to cause slip and fall accidents or attract soils and contaminants.

Unlike conventional soap-based floor cleaners which often leave a slippery film Traction Plus does not and has been certified by the NFSI as high-traction. Traction Plus products ensure maximum occupation health and safety in many different industries.

How do I know that my employees will use it properly?

Traction Plus has taken the guesswork out of mixing. A faucet mounted proportioning unit is available as part of the system. When connected to a fresh water supply, the proportioning unit will combine water with the exact level of cleaner and deliver the solution directly into a mop bucket. Traction Plus is virtually fool-proof, assuring proper use every time. Health and safety is our number one concern, and the Traction Plus system has made this aspect very simple.

Is the Traction Plus System complicated?

Traction Plus is as simple as mopping your floor and because less rinsing is required, you save valuable labor time while ensuring the health and safety of both customers and employees.

Is Traction Plus safe for my employees to use?

Yes. All Traction Plus products are designed for your employees’ safe and simple use. Traction Plus is non corrosive, however as with all cleaners, gloves and eye protection are recommended. Furthermore, because our products can be premixed via a proportioning unit, your employees’ contact with chemicals is minimized.

How often do I have to apply the Traction Treatment?

Normally, for most surfaces, a one-time treatment is sufficient. However, depending on your specific type of floor and accumulated buildup, a second application may be necessary to completely clean all the pores and grout lines of the tile. Afterword, only daily maintenance with Traction Plus as a floor cleaner and maintainer is required to maintain your floors’ safety and appearance.

Will Traction Plus harm my tile or grout?

Absolutely not! Traction Plus has been laboratory tested to verify that it will not harm tile or grout. Maintain slip and fall prevention while keeping your floors looking great!

How do I know Traction Plus will work as claimed?

Traction Plus has undergone rigorous, real world testing by the National Floor Safety Institute and has been certified as a “High Traction” product. The National Floor Safety Institute is an independent, not for profit organization that tests products in “real world” applications.

Is Traction Plus more expensive to use?

When you look at the big picture, Traction Plus is actually less expensive to use than other products. If a product is leaving a slippery residue to accumulate dirt and grease, what is it really worth? With one slip and fall accident, no amount of savings on a product can make up for the pain and suffering, not to mention the expense of litigation. Traction Plus cleans and maintains high traction all in one easy to use and highly effective product.